My Ten Must Haves for Baby’s Arrival

Dr. Brown Bottles
Written by Louise

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor AC401:


This is an absolute godsend! Unfortunately I never had this on my first born resulting in spending most nights watching him sleep making sure he was breathing. I got this on my second baby and used it in the moses basket and still use it in her toddler bed. This is a highly sensitive movement detector. The sensorpad detects movements in baby, and sounds an alarm if it detects no movement in 20 seconds. It really gives me great peace of mind.


Mothercare also have it now for €99.99

A Good Strong Easy To Fold Buggy

The OutnAbout Nipper

I got the “Outnabout Little Nipper”

I have this buggy 4 years now and still absolutely love it. It has been everywhere with me bumpy roads, beaches.. It is just brilliant. This buggy is suitable from birth and comes with a range of extras. I have the older version. It is so light and folds so easily. What I love most about this buggy is the long front on it My four year old can still fit in it comfortably without his legs dangling over the front.

Prices start from €280

To find out more visit www.tonykealys.com


Maxi Cosi Carseat

I chose Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix. This was 4 years ago so there is newer models out now. I also got the Isofix Base. There are so many carseats available so it is best to shop around and do your research. Also bear in mind some cars do not take an Isofix Base.


Sleeping Bag/Gobag

Sleep bag

It is hard to know what blankets and how many to put on your baby ay night time. Are they too hot? Too cold? What if they kick them off? Or worse what if they pull them over themselves?

My solution: Definitely a Grobag. Suitable from birth.

Available in most shops but I always get them in TK Maxx for half the price 😉


SMA First Infant Milk Starter Pack

sma starter pack

If you choose to bottle feed these are brilliant for the first week at home. Ready to use and no sterilising. They can be purchased in most Dunnes stores and boots.

Dr. Brown ‘s Bottles

Dr. Brown Bottles

I was all for breast feeding but after a very traumatic birth that went out the window. After reading a lot of reviews on different types of bottles I chose the Dr. Brown bottles. Apart from a few extra parts to clean than most other bottles I found the them brilliant. I also got the Dr. Brown microwave steriliser which was so handy.

I purchased mine in Tony Kealys

Baby Bath

Mothercare baby bath

I got a bath out of Mothercare. It came with a towel, storage tray and sponge. It also have a handy plug for easy emptying. For only €27.99 you can’t go wrong!

Baby Grooming Kit

baby grooming kit

I put my own kit together. It was full of Johnson’s baby bath, baby shampoo, nappy cream (I used vaseline), wet wipes, baby nail scissers, cotton wool, a thermometer, a nasal aspirator and antibacterial wipes for belly button.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

I just purchased a mini one in my local chemist.

And last but not least…


Who doesn’t love shopping for baby clothes :)

I found NEXT and Marks and Spencers great for soft babygrows. They wash well and last forever!!

I hope this was useful for you guys.

Thanks for reading.

Happy shopping xx

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