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Mental Health Awareness

If I am going to do a blog I have to be upfront and honest about myself. Only those close to me know I have had PND (Post Natal Depression) after my first born and although I have come through it I still suffer severe anxiety along with Chronic Fatigue (yeah it sucks).  I have recently started Herbalife Shakes to give me a boost.  Have any of you guys tried this? (Or any other ideas for me would be awesome!!)

Although you cannot see mental health issues they are still there and the more awareness raised about them the better. I know for sure I would not be where I am today without the support of my amazing family and friends. So if sharing my issues and experiences help and encourages at least one person out there then ill be happy.

If you or anyone you know need help please visit NURTURE. I would highly recommend them. You can visit their page on www.nurturecharity.org. Xx

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I am a stay at home mammy of two Ryan (4) and Holly (20 months). Being a stay at home mammy is so rewarding watching your children. I am always looking for things to do and places to go with the kids so I thought I would post it all in my blog and give you guys some ideas.


  • So brave of you to put it out there about depression and anxiety x also loads of really good programs going on in irelantheresirelandlp x stress pac and wrap to name 2.. I will be doing a post about these both in the coming weeks ! :-) :-) :-) blog looks great x well done you x

  • Well done you for being so brave and honest x there are loads of good program’s going on in dublin for depression and anxiety like stress pac and wrap to name two x I will be doing a post my self on these in the coming weeks x well done you xx

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