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Hey guys

This week I went to Tesco.  I just looove Tesco for children’s clothes!! The clothes are so affordable and the material is great and lasts just as long as the clothes in more expensive shops.  Tesco is one of the main shops I shop in.  I specifically get all the children’s vests and socks there as they stay soft and last until they need the next size.  I find socks from other shops go hard and shrink.  The amount I have thrown in the bin is unreal!!  I tend to buy bits here and there than all in one go. Plus I go to different shops for different items ( I know I know!!  I’m a tad fussy!!) I love NEXT for t-shirts, Dunnes stores for pyjamas, Zara for Ryan’s clothes, Penney’s for everything and anything,  M&S for baby clothes… Anyway here is what I picked up this week.  I will add more as I purchase them.  ( Expect a lot! I cannot walk by the children’s department).


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Peppa Pig Crocs – Dunnes stores €10

Monster t-shirt – Tesco €6/7

Socks – Tesco €3.50

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I am a stay at home mammy of two Ryan (4) and Holly (20 months). Being a stay at home mammy is so rewarding watching your children. I am always looking for things to do and places to go with the kids so I thought I would post it all in my blog and give you guys some ideas.

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