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Babyboo bibs

Written by Louise

Last week the lovely ladies from sent Holly some bandana bibs.  Holly is nearly two now and every so often her back teeth start niggling away at her for a few days and the dribbling is non stop.

I tried putting normal bibs on her but she hated them and pulled them off each time.  With these bandana bibs, she actually looks for them each morning as part of her outfit and they sure look cool too!! They come in so many different designs too.  We also got funky legwarmers :)

The bibs are fleece lined, double layered and have a cotton front.  The inner layer is fleece so no matter how much your baby drools they will stay dry!!  The cotton front also folds down over the polyester which keeps it from making contact with sensitive skin under the chin and around neck.

All the fabrics are fully tested, free of hazardous dyes and are safe and environmentally friendly. Perfect for children with sensitive skin or eczema.  The poppers are nickel free keeping it as safe as possible and the dyes used in the printing of the bibs are water based.  also have bigger sized bibs in stock.  Perfect for children with special needs.

Best of all you can purchase one of these bandana bibs for only €5!!

Check out or their Facebook page (  for more information and bundle deals.










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