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Slumbersac and Bath Poncho from

Written by Louise

Last week I received a Slumbersac and a Bath Poncho for Ryan and Holly from

Since Holly was born she has always slept in sleeping bags.  For those of you who have never heard of a baby sleeping bag it is pretty much a wearable blanket designed for babies to be used instead of traditional blankets and sheets. They have a neck opening and armholes.  They help the baby stay at the right temperature throughout the night and more importantly lets the baby sleep comfortably without the  blankets and sheets being kicked off or getting tangled up.

A few months ago we moved Holly into a toddler bed.  She loved it! That’s when I got rid of her sleeping bag and used a toddler duvet.  All went well for about two months….  After that she thought it was great crack getting out of her bed and running into Ryan’s room every night.  She even started to turn her monitor off when she got out of bed!  I tried a stair gate on her bedroom door but the little madam figured out how to open that too!!  So back to the cot she went!!  The duvet was too big for her cot and I thought she was too big for a sleeping bag but that is when I came across  I found sleeping bags with feet!! They are basically sleeping bags but with feet so your child can enjoy the comfort of their sleeping bag while still being able to move about freely. 

The sleeping bags come in a range of sizes and tog ratings.  It is so reassuring for mammies to know that their baby/toddler is warm and cosy during cold nights and not worrying whether they have kicked off their blankets.

Both Ryan and Holly LOVE bath time.  We have lots of cool baby towels for Holly but nothing for Ryan.  When I saw the Bath Poncho on I knew he would love it!!  I just throw it on him while I’m emptying the bath and when I take it off him to dry him properly he is amazed that he is already mostly dry!! He also loves running around pretending to be superman haha!!

You can find out more information and view what else Slumbersac have on or on their Facebook page Slumbersac Ireland.

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