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Freddy Buttons – written by Fiona Dillon

Written by Louise



The other week I received a parcel filled with my favourite items for Ryan and Holly… BOOKS!!!  

You can never have enough books and I absolutely love settling the kids into bed and reading them their favourite stories.


We received Freddy Buttons – The complete first series

  1. Freddy Buttons and the Little Lost Hen
  2. Freddy Buttons and the Horrible Hornets
  3. Freddy Buttons and the Naughty Badgers
  4. Freddy Buttons and the Strawberry Patch Puzzle
  5. Freddy Buttons and the Apple Bandits
  6. Freddy Buttons and the Slimy Slugs


The books are about Freddy who lives in Tumbledown Cottage solving food mysteries with the FBI (Freddy Buttons Investigators).    Holly and Ryan loved listening to Freddy’s little adventures, what he got up to with all his animal friends and learning interesting facts about where our food comes from.

Ryan really enjoyed Freddy’s books especially the page of facts at the end of each story.  The facts were about things that were involved in the story.  Ryan’s reaction was WOW!!! :)

The last page of every book was a Recipe using something that was involved throughout the story which was pretty cool not to mention easy to make!!  Also Ryan has gone from being a very picky eater to having a new found interest in food. :) :)



What is even better is you can purchase the complete first series of Freddy Buttons for only €25!!!

Please visit for more information.

Facebook page:  Fiona Dillon – Author.




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