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The TreeShelf

Written by Louise

I came home from holidays last week to find a HUGE box in the hall.  It was Ryan and Holly’s new TreeShelf from The TreeShelf.  How cool is it?!! It is a beautiful handcrafted, handpainted wooden book shelf with a few quirky extras i.e a magical fairy house at the bottom and white LED lights that run down the back of the shelf and reflect  of the wall.


Here is the bookshelf in the process of getting built:

received_1704311749784148 - Copy

received_1705034903045166 - Copy

received_1707148332833823 - Copy


So much work goes into each shelf.

All shelves are completely customisable.  You can pick what colours and personalising you want.

The Treeshelf are based in Cork and delivery can be arranged with their courier.  My Treeshelf was wrapped so carefully with lots of padding in the giant box so no problems with delivery!


Before our new TreeShelf all Ryan and Holly’s books were all stacked in the wardrobe so it was difficult to find a different book for each evening.  Now they both sit on front of their TreeShelf and spend ages picking and going through each book :)




Huge thank you to Sarah from The Treeshelf for our Treeshelf :) :)

For more information and how to order pop over to The TreeShelf on Facebook at



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