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Wooly Ward’s Farm – Halloween Event

Written by Louise

We headed back to Wooly Ward’s Farm for our second visit on Saturday.  We were really looking forward to it!!

When we arrived we got our tickets for the pumpkin carving, chocolate apple decorating and a map of where everything is.





First stop was pumpkin carving.  All the pumpkins had the eyes and mouth cut so Ryan and Holly just had to take the goo out of the pumpkin:)  They really enjoyed doing them.

We then went for a walk around.  There was a huge drum that all the kids were banging with drum sticks,  Ryan and Holly ran over straight away and joined in.  There were two bouncing castles,  scary witches and ghosts hanging from all the trees and we looked at all the animals around the farm.image-d5032b480bfdf367bbca2b95a2c684d0dea6de5ea2b90436ee8105257016b0b7-V image-b361ad2705a89dbce93b48e9f17e1e9ceb989969f4281dbddac9e89e04e76393-V image-52022e62b65401e3fb9c4735f15bd55e8cae39ac0a93b9748b0847468e132489-V image-040271aa6b1554b3738472008929cf9420038b24baf1f732908ae41c83febc07-V image-3390e7154345816cf735ca3844a804364e2372e6a71729ad59220c36f1be5bcb-V image-7a97512a3949bfe8957dd2cc6365d5e60990205d5d44dcf8819a101d4d9c60d7-V image-9ac4e3594de31459d18ea9379cf998fecf5df53a5240dfe047e97a36ec64c1b7-V image-61f7ded8a176e785f322d413744732d8ba5f6cddc9ad387b081455a6be64f421-V image-64f12c122c1d1f4d244b3a5dd2368d6d90d8a5d23edac7b631aff8f50f033a26-V image-618ad3b24a53f68abed6aeba87f3c1e0adbf6e5d548ae648411e402d1b61e049-V image-780ff39ca889f5e71f6b0d14ef8b9c1c9774e3178c1edfb32a81b1279d744791-V image-05f4a340a8f986152840a06e03ba6fd1b6bc4b6e6c3e5e2b6ba2934e16fa2380-V image-4ab99d4f5b844b3f6b845f7a81c1e9e6accfcc211f40f06851cd85db942c3760-V image-3d2d208a53a6979dde88af4b79df7d56ffbac307331d3199f0036e9d70fae097-V image-2bc80310aad5a2875986cde8b27758bfdfad4ed30a989c072a7e1c2400072539-V

The chocolate apple decorating was pretty cool until Holly decided to throw herself on the ground because she wasn’t allowed take the whole bowl of sprinkles with her (the terrible twos have well and truly started in our house!!).

There was a tent with Owls which Ryan and Holly just stared in shock at :)

Our favourite part was the Reptiles.  There were rats, snakes, frogs, parrots, spiders and a turtle.  Ryan got to hold all of them :)image-01a484d2a20a3510cfda614329132a83acf920b8eff04f72b107322cb62efcba-V image-9a542a61a99c05f187628ebb8e05731b70c74d573e1c50f1c5e6ab6bed44f6d1-V image-81c9d710ad44e0beabbe132c12599d60a09e5d6a98346775484c2d5b8fff688b-V image-9007c9fb6f6a53a849fd53c4d0ea65b092e0ec25d7025c27a03a6e21ea349d07-V image-20350fd57a47a20f74cb9a350abe02188ccbec872afdc578c41257a499accab9-V image-b6ae6bc2eeb11402c6b293a57e8e27db41412951f11cde5a8d6162fbd50881be-V image-c4c709efa7dd919ab6a911f3e18061fbc2fb0a5a82207d6f31c8084819b15b56-V image-db2e0760e2fdac62bd9faeb973f001082922268fbf3e6d06ef77f05747af829e-V image-dedf94c79d2bdbafa697ff38aae5c9ff353f78ead064ac774305786988199c33-V


There was a house of horrors but we didn’t go in because my two would be terrified so we passed on that one!!

We really had a great day out although it was quite busy.  Tickets for the week are all booked up but I would highly recommend you visit the farm in the future as we had so much fun one our first visit and this one.  There is so much to do at the farm and it is perfect for a day out!! :)


Visit for more information :)

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