Christmas Gift Ideas

Written by Louise

Hey everyone,

This year I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping online.  My favourite presents are those that are personalised :)  So I have put together a few gift ideas for you.  Enjoy :)

  1. Curious Crayons – The lovely Emma at Curious Crayons makes non toxic crayons in all shapes, letters, numbers and colours.  I have ordered off Emma before and she is super friendly and I received my Crayons within days.  Great for stocking fillers this Christmas!! Emma is on Facebook at Curious Crayons.FB_IMG_1436261276821 FB_IMG_1436262185904
  2. Magnificent Stanley – Personalised  Toddler Tees & Bodysuits.  I LOVE these beautiful tops I got for Holly.  All garments are made in the UK and made from pure Cotton.  You just pick what Tee/Jumper/Bib etc.. you want and choose the fabric for your initial or number.  You can find Magnificent Stanley on Facebook or www.magnificentstanley.com. FB_IMG_1448135066389 20151112_080918
  3. Little Bow Pip – Irish Handmade Bows for babies and children.  These are the cutest bows out there.   You can find Little Bow Pip on Facebook and www.littlebowpip.com
  4. Next Pyjama set – I got Ryan these last year and they have lasted till he had grown out of them.  Super comfy and great gift idea for nieces/nephews etc.. www.nextdirect.com  877-060-X56s 109-890s
  5. Personalised Poem –  You can find  “More Than Words” on Facebook and I can highly recommend Caroline.  I received poems from her last Christmas.  I literally gave her as much information as I could think of about my mam and mother in law and what she did was just magic!!  Trust me you will be blown away!!
  6. Handmade by Aga – Handmade bespoke items for babies, children and adults.  Aga’s work is just beautiful.  Here are a few samples of what she does.  You can find Handmade by Aga on Facebook. FB_IMG_1448138556992 FB_IMG_1448138589644
  7. Books – Our favourite books at the moment are Freddy Buttons by Fiona Dillon.  You can purchase Freddy Buttons set of 6 for only €25!!  You can find out all about Freddy at www.freddybuttons.com  20150827_175234
  8. Babyboo.ie – Love Love Love these bibs!!  Perfect little gift for a baby this Christmas.  3 bibs for only €12.  You can find babyboo.ie on Facebook or at www.babyboo.ie FB_IMG_1448139711311 FB_IMG_1448139724192 FB_IMG_1448139732573
  9. Personalised Picture – Fee bugs made with love is on Facebook.  Fiona can create a unique beautiful piece of artwork in 2-3 days.  I gave her a few details of my Nana and she made this for me as a gift to my Nana on her 97th birthday.  Last week as you all know my Nana sadly passed away but this framed picture will be hung up in my house and treasured forever!

Thanks for reading xxxFB_IMG_1448139606366

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I am a stay at home mammy of two Ryan (4) and Holly (20 months). Being a stay at home mammy is so rewarding watching your children. I am always looking for things to do and places to go with the kids so I thought I would post it all in my blog and give you guys some ideas.

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