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Our Trip To Giddy Studios

Written by Louise

Two weeks ago myself, the kids, my friend Sara and her little boy Bobby took a trip to Giddy Studios.  This was actually our second visit.  We went when Ryan was two and myself and Sara were pregnant.  Our first visit was brilliant so we were really looking forward to returning a second time :)

Giddy Studios is a Pottery Painting Studio in Dundrum Town Centre.  It is perfect for family days out! They also cater for birthday parties, corporate team building, girlie get togethers etc..

When we arrived the lovely Helena was there to greet us.  She led us to our table where there were tons of paint waiting for us :)  We then had to pick a piece of pottery (prices range from €5 – €45).  There was so much to choose from ranging from Mugs to Dragons.  Ryan chose a Dinosaur, Holly chose a princess and Sara chose Mugs for Bobby to paint as Christmas presents.  Once the guys had chosen their pottery Helena came to talk us through the process.  After the pottery is painted they glaze and fire it.


20151126_130805 - Copy (2)

20151126_131123 - Copy (2)

20151126_131608 - Copy (2)

Then the fun bit started!!!

Ryan was very precise at picking his colours and what he was going to do.  Holly and Bobby took one look at the paint and got stuck in with colours everywhere.  All part of the fun!! Holly named her Princess Elsa and Elsa got covered in blue paint and then lots more :)




Any of you with little ones will know they get bored easily so after painting everything in site Helena brought over a big box of toys which saved the day!  Ryan then finished his painting and got to do a bit of colouring in.

20151126_132822 - Copy

Just before we finished Helena kindly came over with Christmas Bauble Decorations for myself and Sara.  She then painted the children’s hands and placed them on the bauble.  Having both Ryan and Holly’s handprint on a Decoration for the tree is just the cutest thing!  When we finished we gave our pottery to Helena (it takes between 2-5 days to be ready).  I then collected it the following week and there was smiles all round.  Ryan and Holly are so proud of their artwork they have been showing everyone :)

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I would highly HIGHLY recommend taking a visit to Giddy Studios.  Both times we went we had such fun with the children.  I still have Ryan’s Fire Engine Money Box he made when he was two and our new pottery will definitely be treasured.




20151208_180033 - Copy

Thank you so much to Helena for making our visit so enjoyable!! xxx

You can find more information about Giddy Studios at

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