Our First Week at Potty Training

Written by Louise

Knowing when to start potty training your toddler can be a tricky one.  Holly was two in October and had started telling me when she was doing a wee in her nappy so I thought I would try out training her on the potty.  Only you can decide when to try train your toddler so don’t mind what all the books say “you’re supposed to do” just go with the flow.  I brought Holly to Smyths Toy Store and let her pick out her ‘Frozen’ potty and we stocked up on pants and ‘frozen’ pants (she is Frozen mad!) in Penneys.  Holly still has a bottle at night time so I am not training her then (she is in pull ups at night).  Here is how we got on this week:


Day One

We had an appointment this morning so when we got home at 1pm I took out the potty.  She was delighted putting on her pants, happily sat on the potty and then got up and ran off to play :)  When I left the room to put the dinner on she weed on the mat and called me straight away realising what she had done.  I sat her on the potty and explained that is where she needs to do her wee.  I gave her lots of drinks and sat her on the potty every 5 mins.  I left the room to check on the dinner and again she shouted wee.  It was all over the floor :(  I then sat beside her for the next few hours.  I told her to sit on the potty while I got some marshmallows ( bribery works a treat) and I heard her shout “Mammy Mammy Wee Wee”.  She had done a wee on the potty!!  She was so so proud of herself and myself and Ryan made a big deal of praising her and dancing around the room.


Day Two

When Holly woke I put pants on her etc.. No wee on potty.  While she was playing on the mat she weed and I lifted her onto potty but no more wee.  After piling her with drinks she did a wee on the potty ( I sat her on it and distracted her and she did a wee).  Two accidents followed but both times she shouted wee so she is starting to realise when the wee is coming.  More accidents followed including two poops.  She didn’t want to sit on the potty anymore she was fed up.  I literally sat with her for the rest of the day and nothing :(  I was close to giving up and at 5.30pm she shouted wee and I popped her onto the potty and there was only a dribble in her pants, she got the whole wee into the potty.  RESULT!!


Day Three

A few minutes after she woke she told me she needed to do a wee.  After reading some great advice about not repeatedly asking her does she need to wee and instead telling her to tell me when she wants to wee.  She called me each time she needed to wee and there were no accidents all day!!  She did however do a poop in her pants but we will get there.


Day Four

Wees on potty all day.  We even went out for two hours in pants and she was fine.  She pooped again in pants so I just put her dirty pants in potty and explained that it goes in there.  Day four and she is trained at weeing.  I am over the moon and so proud of Holly :)

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I am a stay at home mammy of two Ryan (4) and Holly (20 months). Being a stay at home mammy is so rewarding watching your children. I am always looking for things to do and places to go with the kids so I thought I would post it all in my blog and give you guys some ideas.

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